This guide generally applies to a business phone system.

  1. Login to the web portal at your phone system's domain.
  2. Pick up the handset of any in-house phone and dial 95#### with the #’s being any set of digits.
    • These digits can be used strategically to organize pre-recorded messages for use on any of the Extensions or Auto Attendants.
  3. Follow the instructions and record a voice message.
    • Existing messages can/will be overwritten by re-using the same set of digits.
  4. On the Dashboard of the web portal, click the Extension or Auto Attendant you wish to apply the voice message to.
  5. To the right of ‘Select A New Message’, choose the dropdown item corresponding to the #### digits selected/dialed.
  6. Test the recording by calling from a cell phone and following the call flow, or by dialing the Extension or Auto Attendant directly.