ATA Setup Instructions

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Adding a new phone number (DID) with ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter)

  1. Browse to
    • Username and password are provided to you by Voice2Net
  2. Click DID Administration in left Menu
  3. Enter customer’s phone number under DID
  4. Enter customer’s name under Name
  5. Leave Destination Number as 1$1
    • If the customer needs call forwarding or if the DID is an 800-number being forwarded to another DID, enter the forwarding number into Destination Number preceded by a 1 and enter in Dest Domain without checking any of the boxes above it.
  6. Check the Residential Lines box and leave Dest Domain blank
  7. Press Update DID and press OK
  8. Press Edit DID in the DID QUERY RESULTS page to return to the DID Administration page
  9. In the lower half of the page, fill in the 911 information for the customer
  10. Press UpdateE911Info and press OK
    • If any errors occur, press the Back button in the browser and make corrections.
    • Enter the province as two letters (ON for Ontario).
  11. In the DID QUERY RESULTS page click Go To URL for the DID you are entering
  12. You will be brought to the login page
    • Username and password are provided to you by Voice2Net
  13. In the Phone Number (DID) search enter the DID you are working with
  14. Click Edit for the DID
    • On this page you can quickly review the information including the MAC Address and the IP Address of the ATA if it is registered and online (if previously configured).
    • Select the Device Type you are configuring from the dropdown menu (HT801 in most cases)
  15. Enter the MAC Address for the ATA under Device Mac Address
  16. Use the MAC Address directly from the device incase the number on the box does not match the device.
    • If the customer would like to receive new voicemails in their email inbox, enter the Email address under Email and set VoiceMail to Email as True
  17. If the customer would prefer to use their existing answering machine, set VoiceMail Active to False
  18. Select the Outbound Calling Privileges according to their billing plan (Canada vs. CanadaUsa)
  19. To aid in tracking the progress and history of the account, fill in the dates for the different steps of setup in the lower portion of the form.
  20. Once all account information has been entered, click Update at the top left of the form. Plug in the ATA to both internet and power and wait about 3 minutes before clicking Home to check for the Registered IP Address – this will indicate the ATA is setup and ready for deployment.

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