Call Waiting

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  • If you receive a 2nd call during a conversation, you will hear a brief tone on the line indicating there is a call waiting.
  • If you have Call Display on your telephone, it will also display the name and number of the call waiting caller. If you hang up without going back to one of the parties on hold, your phone will ring.
  • To answer this call, momentarily press and release the hook switch on your telephone or press the link key/flash key.
  • You will be connected to the new caller and the previous caller will be placed on hold.
  • You may now toggle between these callers by again momentarily pressing and releasing the hook switch on your telephone. If your phone has a flash or link key, pressing this will be the same as using the hook switch.
  • During the period of time each party is on hold,they will hear a pleasant soft music to let them know you have not forgotten them.
  • If you hang-up without answering the call waiting call, after a few seconds, your phone will start ringing.To answer the call, lift the handset, you will now be connected to the call waiting caller.

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